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GLN Members

Membership is corporate wide and is renewable on an annual basis. Members have access to different services depending on their membership tier. For more information on the types of service available please click here. Alternatively, please fill-in the relevant field of the contact inquiry or contact us for more information.

Member commitments
As members of GLN, companies commit to share information honestly to the best of their capacity and in confidence. This commitment will ensure all the members gain from membership and derive the greatest amount of value from being part of GLN.


GLN is a project of the two hosting organizations, AccountAbility and the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College. It has evolved through the support and insights of the Founding Members, both individually and through a Steering Committee. This has ensured that GLN has been member-driven, a unique and important feature that will be carried through as GLN grows in size. The existence of a Steering Committee ensures that members' views are heard and form the basis of any future strategy. This Steering Committee convenes periodically.

In addition, GLN has a Management Board comprising representatives from the two host institutions, and member representatives. This Management Board is responsible for ensuring operational implementation and financial matters, not strategy or related policy development.

The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College and AccountAbility, the GLN’s two hosting organizations, manage GLN on behalf of its members, and in alignment with their own missions, fiduciary obligations and financial requirements.

Value to members
The value proposition of GLN to its members is its support in clarifying, focusing and directing their efforts to achieve excellence in corporate citizenship through individual and mutual learning by the common use of tools and related services.
Membership to GLN will result in improved understanding of:

  • How excellence in corporate citizenship does or can support overall business strategy and performance, and how this can be most effectively communicated.
  • How one's corporate citizenship practices compare to those of other members and other relevant benchmark cases and data, and how this can be most effectively communicated.
  • What the main constraints to enhancing the role of corporate citizenship in driving business strategy and performance are.
  • What steps can and should be taken to enhance the role of corporate citizenship in driving business strategy and performance.

The specifics of this value proposition for individual members will depend on their level of engagement (set out in the services section of the site).

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