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Upcoming Events

This page provides a schedule of the upcoming events and tele-convenings open to members of the Global Leadership Network (GLN). Your ability to register for some of these events will be determined by your membership package.

Please note that registration for the non-GLN conferences/ workshops is not covered by GLN membership packages.

Not sure whether you can register for these events or tele-convenings? Please fill-in the relevant field of the contact inquiry or contact us for more information.

Conference Workshop

May 2008
What: Sustainable Technology Showcase
When: May 27th to May 30th, 2008
Who: Ethos Institute – 2008 Ethos International Conference
Where: Palácio de Convenções do Parque Anhembi – São Paulo - Brazil

May 2008
What: GLN Convening
When: May 14th, 2008
Who: TIER 3 Network Convening
Where: Verizon - Washington, DC

April 2008

What: GLN China Forum
When: April 28, 2008
Who: GLN China Training Event
Where: CFCSR, Beijing, China

March 2007

What: GLN Global Forum
When: March 14 & 15, 2007
Who: GLN Steering Committee and Tier 3 members
Where: Omron HQ, Kyoto, Japan

November 2006
What: Global Leadership Network learning session
When: November 20, 2006
Who: Corporations interested in finding out more about the network and performance excellence in corporate citizenship
Where: Peking University, Beijing, China

November 2006
What: GLN Brazil workshop
When: November 22, 2006
Who: Members of the Brazilian GLN
Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil

November 2006
What: Global Leadership Network conference
When: November 27-28, 2006
Who: GLN Steering Committee and Tier 3 members
Where: Pfizer HQ, New York

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